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Melanie Spring
REAL TALK Creator, Brand Strategist & International Speaker
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Rock Your Story
Do you remember the last time you heard a truly great story? When you think back on it, you don't remember all of the details but you remember how it made you feel. Great brands & great speakers make sure you feel something when they share their story - it's time to write your own great story.

This talk speaks to the people AND the organizations that have stories to tell but haven't figured out how to share them - yet. You'll get tips & tricks for connecting with your audience and making sure they walk away as ambassadors for you and your brand. 

I can give you the tools, but it's up to YOU to rock your story!

(SO excited to have you at REAL TALK to listen to all of these incredible speakers. Read on to find out who will be sharing.)
Sandy Sponaugle
Marketing Coach, Speaker, and Founder of Platinum PR

Embracing Change
As humans we fear and resist change. We cling to what feels secure, safe, and comfortable. What if your biggest breakthrough is behind your opportunity for change? In this talk, Sandy Sponaugle shares how you can embrace life’s unstable moments of change - and receive the exciting transformation waiting on the other side.
Dan Russell
Founder of Agency Golden based in Denver, CO

Mind The Trap
How many tiny decisions does your brain make every minute without you knowing? How many of those decisions are hurting your health, career, or happiness? Discover the four types of decisions that your subconscious has always been in charge of - and learn how to take back control.
Sarai Johnson
Author, Speaker, Coach: Sarai Johnson

Live Into It: A Radical Life Map for Audacious Souls
We are told to work harder, push harder, grit our teeth and make things happen - and that works. To a point. But if we want to truly transform our lives and the world, we have to learn a new and better way to leave what doesn't work (without burning out or burning it down), build a life we don't need to escape from, and evolve into better and better leaders every day.

Derek Volk

Building Connection With Your Child
Many parents have a tough time connecting with their kids, but when your only son is autistic, it’s almost impossible unless you have the right tools. Derek Volk has learned how to connect with his son even when he’s obsessed with vacuum cleaners, furnaces, and fire alarms. HIs talk will give you a fresh look into how to build a connection with your own child, even when they’re not like you. 

Lisa Klein
Physical therapist and owner of Total Health Physical Therapy in Washington, DC

Bodies Are Fixable
Lisa explains what led her to spending her entire professional career studying and practicing on thousands of patients in order to answer the question "how can we help bodies to heal?" She shares with you a profound patient story from her own experience and explain the how and the why it worked. She teaches you a simple, yet profound technique you can do at home to start to heal your own bodies.
Lindsey Hammond Charlet
Founder & CEO of HUB Collective

A Whole-Human Boss
Showing up as your whole self in the workplace should be welcomed. Instead, many are only allowed to show a percentage of themselves at certain times and are expected to thrive. This is a recipe for dissatisfaction - at the very least. In the first 6 months of starting my business, I went through a transformation that laid a foundation based on authenticity. This talk will break your ideas of “normal” and start you on a journey of finding your whole-human self.
Peggy Pierrakos
Owner of Metro Housing Solutions in the DC Metro Area

You Are Your Life Architect
It’s up to you to take charge of whatever life throws at you, but until you’ve been there, you don’t know how well you will be able to take action and get the results you want. Peggy Pierrakos knows from life AND business experience what it takes to navigate the challenges of the real world and build the life you want no matter what you are facing. Peggy's passion and energy will embolden you to to start moving in the direction of your own success. 

AJ Gibson
TV Host, Celebrity Speaker & Perspective Coach:

A Shift In Perspective
Once you’ve hit the rock bottom-est of the rock bottom, you know there’s only one direction to go from there. The night that broke me pushed me to take a look at my life and the direction it was going. It shifted my perspective and gave me the steps I needed to move forward. This talk will remind you to take back control of your life and push you to MOVE through my 4-step signature system. If you’re ready, you can take the first step right away.

Julie Harris
Owner of Julie’s - New. Found. Loved. 

My Two Cents
Everyone wishes they had more money in the bank. Those in debt are full of excuses. Everyone can save money and stay out of debt, but it’s a choice. This talk will show you effective ways to save money by changing some of your spending habits. One person changed his lunch habits and saved $200 a month. Another found a way to live on her own even after totaling her car. Even you can learn to make small changes to create a life of choices that give you the power to live the life you want - without the debt.

Shari Aldrich

Wake Up With a Dream
Imagine finding your life's greatest work helping people in pain and then having it ripped away in a traumatic accident. This is what happened to Shari Aldrich, who had found her calling as a massage therapist treating clients from around the world until a traumatic injury caused her to reevaluate her life's mission.

From this talk, you'll connect the dots from your past, develop a plan to move past the fear, and be catalyzed for a better future. If you've found yourself immobilized by fear, living in pain or sleepwalking through life, Shari's talk will inspire you to wake up and take control of your life.
Dylan Volk

Living with an Invisible Disability
Growing up with a disability is a challenge. Maintaining employment as an adult with a disability that no one can see or recognize when they do see it is frustrating and exhausting. The highest rate of unemployment among all disabilities is for those with autism. Nearly 90% of adults with autism are not working in full-time jobs. Dylan Volk explains what it feels like to have high functioning autism and how it impacts him in the workplace.

Dr. Julie Lopez
Founder of the DC Based Mental Health Organization, Viva Partnership

Re-Code = Results: Accessing your Brain's Hidden Control Panel
Remember the last time you had a goal, knew how to execute, but failed to implement? The knowledge was there. The ability was there. But a seemingly invisible “something” seemed to sabotage efforts. This type of “failure” isn’t about intelligence, commitment, or ability. It is about a pre-programmed “code” that gets in the way. And it is stored in the “hidden control panel” of your brain. Learn what the hidden control panel is, how it works & gain a new perspective.
Everybody loves a great story, yet few have the guts to get up & share their own. 

Real Talk is an audience experience designed to share talks & stories that will move you, inspire you, and shift your perspective. Over the course of our evening of guts, glory & growth, 13 speakers shared their carefully-crafted messages with you based on their experiences as human beings and experts. 

Listen to talks from incredible humans about budgeting when you have no money, accessing your brain's control panel, raising kids who aren't like you, being a badass boss even when you're angry, and so many more. 

The only question you'll be left with is:  what will I do next?
The event was BEAUTIFUL!
The speakers PHENOMENAL!
The attendees left INSPIRED!

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